My mission has been to find new and better ways to reliably improve the quality of life for the greatest number of people.

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About Phil Zulli
I love helping people heal and grow. I've enjoyed 35 years as a natural health advocate, learning and working with the best modalities and products available. I've also had a long career as a success trainer and business coach, as a network marketing and field communication consultant, and I've built large and fast-growing national organizations. I've served as a corporate officer for two companies and was the corporate spokesman, trainer, and in-house marketing consultant for a $100 million nutritional company. It has been my great fortune to work with some of the most influential leaders, and I paid attention.

I've worked with doctors and healthcare practitioners on incorporating nutritional supplements into their practice, and I've counseled and coached thousands of people, individually and in groups, on optimal health, weight-control, financial freedom, and personal success.

Over the years I've enjoyed hosting thousands of national and international teleconferences, webinars, and training events. I created FeelGoodAgain.com in 1996; a website that introduced people to simple changes for natural, holistic health. And I'm very proud that my network marketing Speed-Duplication™ trainings have helped tens of thousands of people to be successful in home-based businesses.

I'm driven by results and I love to see the positive changes in the people I work with. I'm blessed to have the ability to help people get what they want. It's a wonderful way to spend your life.

Solutions. Happiness. Listening, Learning, Teaching, and Empowerment.
Expertise in natural health modalities; especially nutrition, anti-aging, weight control, personal growth modalities, Law of Attraction, EFT, Network Marketing, Field Communication, Teleseminar and Webinar Host, Narrator. And Rock'n Roll.

.My Path: Pics From Along Way...
People And Experiences That Shaped Me

I've studied alternative ideas since I was a teenager. When I was 28 I embraced an alternative business model marketing alternative health. It was a perfect fit for me and it took me to awesome places and high-level understandings I may not have found otherwise.

I wish I had more pictures from my career, I was busy living it and not concerned about recording it. What is here is very significant to me, but not the whole picture.

These are some of the impactful moments and the special people that changed my course and shared my achievements with me. They are among the top contributors to our industry over the last 40 years. And I had the good fortune to be a part of that adventure.



1985: With Herbalife Founder Mark Hughes

My time with Herbalife from 1984-1989 was life-changing for me. And I had the chance to be trained by Mark Hughes, the founder of Herbalife and a man who had a tremendous impact on the health and nutrition industry. I left Herbalife when I could no longer believe in the path they took, but the experiences there changed my life and I am grateful for that.
Herbalife was my first experience in the nutritional network marketing industry. Within eight months I built the largest distributorship in north eastern Pennsylvania and was producing one of the largest group volumes in the country. I learned how really hungry people are to learn good alternative health information, and for better, natural ways to look and feel better.
I found my career, and I committed myself to improving the lives of the greatest number of people in the most reliable way. Those eyeglasses, though. ;)

1985: With Mark Hughes at The Senate Sub-Committee Hearing.
This newspaper photo was taken at the Senate Sub-Committee Hearing on Weight Reduction Products And Plans in May, 1985, after a month-long media smear campaign against Herbalife. I was brand new in the industry and was launched immediately into an understanding of the influence of the pharmaceutical companies and the American Medical Association on our regulatory agencies and the media. The medical establishment has a long history of supressing any alternatives to their pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries. They focusing on illness, and I focus on wellness.
Over 4000 Herbalife distributors and customers showed up in DC on two days notice. We marched Mark over to the Capitol building, carrying signs about preserving health freedom.  During the Hearing the Herbalife nutritional products were shown to be safe and effective, and Mark and the doctors, researchers, and legal team came out of it with arms raised in victory. We rented the Washiington DC Armory because it was the only space available to handle over 4,000 on such short notice. The evidence was presented again that night so everyone could see it and we celebrated. So we were all pretty shocked the next morning when CNN and the newspapers continued to smear the company with quotes from Sanator's referring to "quackery".
This experience set the course of my career. I felt the need to learn as much as I could about nutritional supplements, alternative health for people, and to learn best practices for companies in order to protect themselves from unfair attacks.
I have often acted as an advisor to companies on compliance issues, and that led to more direct confrontations with regulatory actions.

I believe health freedom is the right of every person, and access to proven alternatives needs to be protected vigorously.

It is my opinion that Mark Hughes and Herbalife changed the public perception of nutritional supplements and launched the health and nutrition industry as we know it today. If it were not for that early massive success of Herbalife we may not have aisles of nutritionals in every supermarket and the vibrant industry that exists today.
The effect of the Hearing and the media smear crippled Herbalife and within a few years, in order to raise the money to continue, they became a publically-held corporation run by a Board Of Directors who made high-profits their highest priority. And that negatively affected the quality of the products. In my opinion, of course. ;)
So I left Herbalife in 1989, but the experience inspired me develop the strength and skills that allowed me to help our industry grow and help people to enjoy a better quality of life.

 1989: Omnitrition- The Founder Top 20 Team

As it became clear to our industry that Herbalife was not going to be the driving force it once was, many new companies popped up to fill the void. And they all promoted themselves as the next Herbalife. And I was getting offers to help launch them.
In 1989, three of the top ten Herbalife distributors broke away and created Omnitrition International. I was ready to make the move too and worked my way immediately to the Founders Top 20 Team. I didn't stay with Omnitrition very long, they didn't meet my standards, but my time there helped change the whole industry. My team perfected the opportunity conference call for recruiting new distributors. We established the format and made it affordable to use as a duplication tool for the masses. Recruiting calls changed the growth of the industry into the 1990's and beyond, replaced today by webinars and Zoom calls.
From 1990 until 2005 I produc
ed and hosted the recruiting calls for some of the fastest growing network marketing companies. I was called the "Voice of MLM" and over the years I have been honored to train many thousands of people on the benefits of natural health and network marketing, and showing them how to turn their product results into referrals and residual income.

1992: I was hired as VP Sales Of Radiant Life

In 1992 I had my first experience as a corporate executive, as VP Sales for Radiant Life. I was able to increase the sales volume of that company 300% within three months.
I learned about corporate politics at a higher level, and how much I didn't like it. ;)


1993: Launching LifeTrends With Internationally-Known
Business Trainer Bobby Pang and former Avon VP Tom Wately.

I was invited to help launch LifeTrends; a subsidiary of Nature's Sunshine, a large traditional herbal products company. LifeTrends was a great example of how all of the pieces need to be strong and in place for a nutritionally network marketing company, and even then success is difficult. We had plenty of money, infrastructure support, and experienced coporate leadership. It failed within 6 months. I learned my lesson about start-up companies.

1996 : With Slender Now and First Fitness founder Lee Causey
After LifeTrends I was invited to join First Fitness International. I built a built a large national organization that produced about 10% of the company volume for years. And I got to work directly with Lee Causey. Lee is one of the real pioneers of massive growth in MLM.
There were three leaders who build the nutritional network marketing industry. And they built it on nutritional weight loss. Lee Causey created the hugely successful Slender Now company in the 1970's, featured as a front page story in the Wall Street Journal. Slender Now was, in many ways, the "father" of Herbalife founded by Mark Hughes, the second leader that created what we have today. The third leader working during those early years, Jim Coover, came into my life a decade later as you will see. Jim's career eclipsed everyone else and he and his wife Kathy later redefined the whole industry. I wish I had met them sooner.


1996: My Team At A First Fitness Convention

I worked with and learned from some great people at First Fitness. I want to especially mention Rubi Celestine, second from left in the photo above. Rubi was the driving force in my First Fitness organization, a 'firecracker!", and the meetings I did with Rubi and her team in the greater Washington D.C. area were among the best and the most fun of my career.

2003: With Seasilver Founder Bela Berkes and CEO
Jason Berkes.
A Win Against Regulatory Excess
Here we go, more life-changing experience.
Seasilver was a huge success in the early 2000's. As a result they ran into some more of that unfair regulatory excess I had experienced several times by then. When they reached $100 million a month in sales the FTC shut them down for "misleading labeling" and I was brought onboard to
hold together the very large field organization of that company and train them to a high perspective. I became Seasilver's in-house marketing consultant, trainer, and spokesman for 18 months. Seasilver was the largest company where I worked at the corporate level and helped to make major decisions. During that time I also spent a week with a senior FTC lawyer, a great guy it turned out. It was enlightening.
My time at Seasilver ended unpleasantly; and six months after I resigned the company closed. All in all, the whole thing was a wonderful learning experience for me, and a highlight of my career.


2006: With Jim And Kathy Coover, Co-Founders of Isagenix International

I was very ill in 2006 and my research to find a personal solution caused me to reach out to Isagenix International. I believed their foundational wellness products would be helpful to me. The company founders Jim and Kathy Coover flew me out to Arizona to meet them and tour the company, and I am forever grateful to them for their kindness then, and since. They are remarkable power couple that having taken our indsutry to new heights and have redefined personal transformation for millions of people around the world.
Jim Coover is the third leader who helped to create our industry back in the 1970's-1980's. He built the second massive growth company with a nutrtional weight loss solution, The Cambridge Diet. Jim later became an in-demand industry consultant and pioneer of adaptagenic herbs, then he became the industry leader. Jim is one of the finest people I have ever known.
The Coovers and Isagenix helped turn my life back around, as they have done for so many. They've restored quality and results to an industry drowning in its own hype. Isagenix is the future of natural wellness and healthy aging products, and financial wellness opportunities. There is nothing else like it.

2010: My Isagenix "After" Picture


Today is March 4th, 2020

As I put this page together. I realize I didn't take enough pictures of the people and events that shaped my career. I expect to tell the full story of my career (it's wild) in a book someday.

I've been semi-retired for a decade. I am very tired of that. More than ever now the world needs to know the things I know, and I am anxiously jumping back into action to teach them.

I will write that book someday, but not yet.



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