FAQs about Royal BodyCare/Light Force Spirulina

Spirulina is the highest natural source in the world of carotenes, vitamin B-12, and the essential fatty acid gammalinolenic acid (GLA). This concentrated food also contains significant amounts of iron, B-complex vitamins, and many essential trace minerals and enzymes. Experts in the field of nutrition find Spirulina to be a truly "natural" alternative to the synthetic supplements that have become so popular in recent years.

Note: Much of the following information is from an interview with Dr. Christopher Hills.

Why is Light Force Spirulina Better?

Light Force has worked very diligently and invested millions of dollars over many years to develop the most nutritionally powerful Spirulina cultures that exist in the world. We have also developed the most advanced technology for growing and harvesting Spirulina to ensure that our quality is consistently the highest available.

Many other Spirulina growers use inferior cultures and cut corners to keep their costs down so they can sell cheap Spirulina. We frequently test competitive samples and find them to be deficient in one of the carotenes or the phycocyanin content. We know from our research at Harvard that it is the phycocyanin molecule that has remarkable effects on animal cancer.

Many producers are stuck with low-quality Spirulina for months as they look for a market. Once sold, this Spirulina winds its way into the health-food trade, resulting in quality that can vary tremendously from bottle to bottle. It is unfortunate that many people think Spirulina is just a lot of hype because of an experience with cheap Spirulina.

Why is Light Force Spirulina More Expensive than some other brands?

The answer is simple. The Spirulina offered by Light Force is superior in several ways and, therefore, more expensive to produce. Each batch is tested for its chlorophyll, beta-carotene and phycocyanin content and is grown in special food-grade lined ponds where only pure Spirulina grows, without competition from other types of algae or other foreign organisms. Some people claim that wild algae is purer than pond grown algae, but that is untrue. The amount of insect parts and other organisms found in wild algae is at least 1000 times greater than Spirulina grown in special ponds.

Light Force Spirulina is cultivated in hygienic, food grade-lined, ponds where it can be closely monitored and controlled to assure that no contamination of any kind is present. Special filters collect debris that may blow into the ponds. Spirulina grows under intense sunlight on the island of Hawaii. The algae lava ponds are fed from a deep, mineral rich, hot spring source. The only nutrients fed to the ponds are sodium bicarbonate an essential source of carbon, which keeps the extreme alkaline (PH-11) level, and other organic nutrients similar to those used in growing organic vegetables. No chemical compounds are ever introduced into the growing environment. The Super Blue Green species is a fresh water algae which naturally allows many other kinds of algae and lake organisms to grow with it. Nothing else will grow in the bicarbonate environment with Light Force Spirulina.

Light Force Spirulina is quite expensive and difficult to grow. Our Clean ponds are seeded with new pure cultures after every harvesting and must contain special filters for keeping out debris. Lab scientists, cultivation experts, and other staff are not needed to harvest or grow the free, wild algae from a lake source as they are in the cultivation of Light Force Spirulina.

Light Force Spirulina, which has been specially grown to absorb minerals and vitamins placed in the ponds by a food-grown process, is well worth the extra price. Many people have tried the competition, based on price, and have found that they do not get the same results. Through Light Force, we often receive unsolicited letters from people telling us that they tested every brand, and none can match the results from Light Force Spirulina.

There is another factor that I believe is very important to remember. The Light Force mission is to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves. I founded Light Force because I believed, and still believe, that Spirulina is an excellent way to nourish hungry people. While our ultimate hope of eradicating hunger has certainly not been realized, we have utilized our resources to feed Spirulina to hungry people around the world, including the United States. In the last few years, for example, we have donated $1.2 million in Light Force products to Dennis Weaver's organization, LIFE (Love Is Feeding Everyone). We have also spent well over a million dollars on cancer research at Harvard University. No other Spirulina producer in the world has undertaken these kinds of projects and given so much to help other people."

Why is Light Force Spirulina more potent than other Spirulina products on the market?

Light Force Spirulina is charged with an electron energy vibrational treatment process which was perfected in Dr. Hill's laboratory and is similar to that used in homeopathic remedies. This is a proprietary process Light Force has used with all of it's Spirulina from it's beginning. Many tests have been carried out and have shown a unique energy pattern associated with Light Force Spirulina.

Is Super Blue Green Anabaena Better?

Scientists and the FDA have determined that Anabaena Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae, can be toxic under certain conditions because it competes with hundreds of other organisms in the natural lake. The way it competes is to secrete a neurotoxin which has been proven to cause respiratory arrest in horses and cattle. It is the same toxin which poisons shellfish during certain months of the year. The toxicity of Anabaena Flos-Aquae is thoroughly discussed in an article published in Scientific American, January 1994. In the past the FDA has seized Super Blue Green and put out warnings against its safety. Light Force Spirulina is recognized by the FDA as a Pharmaceutical grade food product. "Super Blue Green Algae" is not.

Purity Is A Factor

Klamath Lake, like any other natural lake, is full of natural debris. Upon testing Super Blue Green Algae, we have found insect parts as well as dead fibers of previous aquatic debris accounting for up to 5O% of its weight. Light Force Spirulina is grown from a pure culture free of any impurities. With every shift, workers test the Light Force Spirulina ponds for water quality pH, and optical density for optimum harvesting.

A Nutritional Comparison

Super Blue Green claims their product is superior to Spirulina. The fact is that Super Blue Green is not superior. The following chart tells the real truth about some of the most important nutrients:

per 10 grams Light Force Spirulina Super Blue-Green Algae
Protein 65-70% 50-60%
Carbohydrates 18% 7%
Fats 5% 6%
Beta-carotene 23,000 IU 13,340 IU
Calcium 100 mg 140 mg
Magnesium 40 mg 16 mg
Potassium 120 mg 100 mg
Phycocyanin 1,500 mg N/A
Gamma Linolenic Acid 135 mg N/A
Iron 15 mg 6 mg

In addition, there are only four major pigments found in Super Blue Green and over 23 in Light Force Spirulina. The B12 content of Light Force Spirulina is by far higher.

Is Chlorella Better Than Spirulina?

The first to develop Chlorella in Japan during World War II was Dr. Hiroshi Nakamura, who was appointed Director of the Chlorella Institute by the Emperor of Japan. He joined with Dr. Christopher Hills in 1963 to introduce Chlorella as a health food to Japan. Dr. Hills abandoned his work with Chlorella in the mid-60's, when he discovered the nutritional superiority of Spirulina. Spirulina is far superior in the amount and quality of protein. Chlorella is about 58% protein but is only about 40% digestible unless it is put through a special milling process. Chlorella contains about 400% less beta-carotene than Spirulina and no phycocyanin. Chlorella contains less calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and important carotenoids. In short, Chlorella cannot be put into the same class as Spirulina.