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By Patrick & Gael Crystal Flanagan

The great majority of people do not recognize the absolutely crucial value of drinking the right kind of water. When doctors say, "Drink plenty of water or you will become dehydrated," they are talking about the water around your cells, the intercellular water. However, we're talking about cellular hydration, the water inside the cells themselves.

Research in the field of cellular hydration has shown that when the cell swells up, it triggers an anabolic mechanism in the body, which is a healing mechanism. It is accompanied by positive nitrogen balance, protein synthesis, and growth hormone release, equivalent to useful levels even in older people. Cellular hydration also results in a reduction of cell acidity, reduced autoimmune response, increased fat burning, DNA repair, and increased resistance to viruses.

Now when the cells become dehydrated, it triggers a catabolic state accompanied by muscle wasting, cell hypoxia (oxygen starvation), DNA damage, and accelerated aging. As a result the cell becomes more sensitive to free radicals and more susceptible to viruses and autoimmune diseases. Virtually all symptoms of aging are the result of cellular dehydration accompanied by free radical damage.

Most scientists accept the free radical theory of aging. The free radicals enter our bodies, damage our cells, as well as damage the replication of DNA so that our cells don't replicate properly. They replicate in this damaged way and our bodies can become more and more damaged as we grow older, until we eventually die as a result. You know, some older people die of things like common colds because their immune systems have been so badly damaged by free radicals over a lifetime. At a very basic level when you drink water with Crystal Energy®, every single one of your cells is surrounded by little electron donors, helping to protect your body from free radical damage.

For cellular hydration, you need low surface tension bodily fluids. If you drink a lot of water that has a very high surface tension, like tap water, you're not going to get the hydration needed. Most people think if you just drink a lot of fluids, you won't become dehydrated. Well, the water around your cells will be there but it does not necessarily go inside the cell. When you drink the right kind of water, at the proper surface tension, then the water can actually get into the cell. It's the same thing with the skin --that's why we recommend that you spray on Crystal Energy before applying Phycotene Creme to help its absorption into the skin.

When we add Crystal Energy to water, each drop of Crystal Energy has over 20 million spherical catalytic particles in it. These particles attract water molecules by electrical action which reduces the surface tension, making ordinary water wetter. It creates a surface tension that is similar to the surface tension in the cell.

Basically this validates what we've been saying for many years; the type of water you drink may be one of the most important things that you can do for your body. You want to be in a state where your cells are constantly hydrated, not dehydrated. If your cells are hydrated, your body is in a very neutral condition and your cells can repair themselves. Water is one of our most essential needs and the key to good health.